Allow and Behold

Words have given me the means to translate my inner experience into a form that can be shared. Many times, particularly in times of transition, I find my visual art process occurs in words. Over the many years of working via the Open Studio Process, where words are foundational via intention and witness writing, I have learned that those two components allow me to lower myself more fully into the imaginal realm, the place of all possibility and to “Swim in the see.” Words are like a ladder, perhaps even like Jacob’s ladder, allowing me to climb between realms of soul and abodes of spirit. In the liminal space of the image, feelings rise and fall, the world drops away, time ceases to have meaning, what is needed shows up and makes itself known. The words that take me down – intention -- and, the words to come up – witness -- anchor me in the everyday. 

I was feeling scattered and out of sorts this morning. I wrote the intention: I come into alignment, body, mind, heart, soul and spirit and do what I need to do to finish Cronation and begin this new phase of life and work. I sat down under my teacher tree and waited. I began to feel tremendous energy in my body, especially my hands, while also feeling calm. I touched the place of joyful awe as I watched a leaf spinning on a thread and appreciated the light playing on the tree. I noticed how the tree, Comorade is her name, hosts all possibilities of life and death and everything in between: new leaf growth (here in California Live Oaks are evergreen) dead twigs, cracks in her surface, and the carpet of leaves she spreads as mulch beneath her canopy. I thanked Comorade and the Source. Feeling grounded now I returned to the studio and began photographing art for this website. 

“The intentions that are most generative are the ones where we aim to do work on behalf of the Creative Source.”

I received a text from a colleague sharing a dream in which I had appeared. The dream me said: “The intentions that are most generative are the ones where we aim to do work on behalf of the Creative Source.” I re-read my morning’s intention and sure enough, I had not added those words, though that intention is the overarching one for my whole life. I thanked my friend and added the words to complete the intention. I immediately felt lighter. Kari had the day off so she had also witnessed her dream. She then shared this line from her witness: “The intention that would garner the most active supportive response from the Universe is the one where we lay down our hopes, dreams, desires and creative tools at the threshold of the Creative Source.” Surrender: not in defeat but out of courtesy to the Divine. She has gifts to deliver and is waiting for me to receive them. Today Kari, you delivered the ‘goods’. Your words are the words of Source for me today and I thank you! We are all connected, we are all part of Source, and we are all held and given whatever we need. When I can dwell in this awareness, time and separation fall away and the Divine reveals Herself. Allow and Behold!